“Wish every company was like this one. Great products, great prices, great people. Been a loyal customer for over 30 years. They even refer large contracts to my company. If I could give six stars it wouldn’t be enough. Every painting contractor needs to try their STORMCOAT product. The best acrylic stain I have found anywhere including Woodscapes or Arbor Coat. I would not even consider a different exterior product.” — T. S.

“My experience with FMI has being a Really Good in All Good Results at The End. David and his crew always is the first any support or anything else as need.” — Marcos L.

“We have been painting a home on the shore in Guilford CT for over 30 yrs. The customer insisted on Cabots oil based stain which would only last 2-3 years. 20 years ago we recommend changing to FMI, since doing so they have gone from every 2-3 years to 6-7 yrs.” — Todd R.

“We have been a customer of FMI for over twenty years. In that time, I have had the opportunity to test and purchase coatings from all the major paint manufacturers. As regards to hiding, drying time, VOC’s and performance, I am convinced that FMI’s coatings are unsurpassed.” — Jim Bender, Plant Manager, Mill Services, Cobleskill, NY

“Great product and service… very reliable… Ze-VO Products Group” — Todd

“We have been using Stormcoat acrylic stains for over 25 years. What originally was a 4 year painting cycle has been extended to 9 years, saving our association over 50% of their budget for painting. The coating is consistent, the color matching is excellent and our buildings still look good, even after 9 years! I would not hesitant to recommend any of the FMI products to any association.” — John Staley, Oronoque Village, Stratford, CT

“I am one of the largest painting contractors in New England and I have the opportunity to specify any coating on any job that I am awarded. For over 20 years, I have changed countless condominiums from Sherwin Williams, Glidden, Benjamin Moore and others to FMI’s Stormcoat 100% acrylic stain. The service, color consistency and value are unbeatable! I can show jobs that I have done 15 years ago that look like they were just painted last year. This product is uniquely different than anything I can get from any of the major manufacturers.” — Tolis Serbegis, New Look Painting, Inc., Glastonbury, CT

“I have been a customer of FMI for over 20 years and continue to be impressed with their products and service. Their coatings are of superior quality, and their warranty backs up their materials and even labor costs. From the office to the factory floor to the delivery, FMI’s staff is always helpful and goes out of their way to meet and exceed customer expectations.” — Steve Buschman, Quality Coatings

“I run a multi-million dollar construction company that does everything from siding, roofing, windows, paving, etc. Any time I make the decision of which coatings to use I always turn to FMI. Especially their exterior products provide us with the comfort level we need, knowing that a company that’s been in business as long as they have need to be doing something special to compete with the national companies. Their whites hide better, their colors fade less, and the durability is the best I have ever seen. I can use anything I want but FMI is my supplier of choice.” — Sal Garfi, CFO

“I just wanted to take a moment to say what a positive experience I have had and continue to have with FMI over the years. Not only are their products of the highest quality but the service we recieve is second to none! Our company paints hundreds of homes per year and we only use the fine coatings from FMI. The quality of their paints along with our prep allows us to warranty the exteriors for extememly long periods of time. (3 to 4 times longer than our competitors). As far as the service goes , whenever we have a rush order they have always gotten the order to us next day and we are always able to speak to a rep on the phone. Their color matching technology is amazing and they have always matched whatever color we requested . (Even custom blends) If the highest quality products and super professional service is important to you, then I highly reccomend FMI.” — Vince Civitello, Rutgers Painting, New Jersey

“FMI Paints has been a good partner in the growth of my business. There paints spray and cover well and because it’s water based, clean up is simple. Audrey, the sales manager is easy to deal with and very helpful.” — Keith T.

“We have been doing business with FMI for over 30 years and have found their product to be second to none. FMI is far superior to any other exterior product on the market. Friendly staff and prompt service is another reason we continue to work with FMI and would recommend them to contractors and homeowners alike.” — Cedar Ridge Remodeling

“I have found FMI Paint to be, at all times, professional and attentive to my many needs. Their products are of the highest quality and I highly recommend this company for your small or large painting projects.” — Mike D.

“Ricci Cavallaro has been doing business with FMI Paints and Stains since the 70’s. Over the years we have purchased thousands of gallons of various interior and exterior paints from them. The best thing about them is that should there be an issue, they stand behind their product 100%. Being a family business, it is very comfortable that the owners of the company are very involved with their customers and David, the owner, is always available and extremely accommodating. I wish there were other companies that took as much interest in their customers. As far as the products, they are as good, if not better, than Benjamin Moore, Behr and any other we have ever used. This is a GREAT company.” — Ed Cavallaro


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