Specialty Products and Cleaners

FMI offers some additional products that go hand in hand with the coating and painting industry. We are the exclusive distributor for Northeast Lumber Coaters LLC, which distributes some of the products FMI manufactures. Additionally, FMI has the ability to custom manufacture coatings per the customer’s special application.

“I own a packaging company that sells unique application tools for the sole purpose of coating the ends of many different building materials prior to final installation. The objective is to seal the ends of these materials to prevent water intrusion. Because we deal with wood composites, PVC, cement, etc. it has necessitated independent testing for a wide variety of products. FMI’s range of coatings has proven to outperform all of the many other products we have tested. This is difficult to find from any one manufacturer.”
— Todd Liebman, Zevo Products Group, West Hartford, CT

Data Sheets

Spore No More Klear Kote Mold and Mildew Resistant Coating


Spore No More Eliminator Mold and Mildew Cleaner


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