Factory Finish Lumber Primers

FMI has become an integral part in supplying the lumber priming industry with the most environmentally friendly coatings available, including low VOC oil primers and even zero VOC 100% acrylic primers and finish coats. Our High Solids line of coatings is used by the largest priming operation in the northeast and their products can be found everywhere, from local retail lumber yards to even the big box stores.

Exacting Custom Color

We are able to custom color our latex primers – tinted to our customers’ needs.

Other Formulations

We just don’t provide primers for lumber.
Our primers touch all industries.

We Eliminate Steps… For the Contractor

Different chemistry to fit different needs, from oil- to water-based. For example we eliminate cedar wood bleed-through with our factory finish primers. They keep the natural acids in the wood from yellowing and showing through, at the same protecting the wood. The need for field priming is virtually eliminated.

“We have been a customer of FMI for over twenty years. In that time, I have had the opportunity to test and purchase coatings from all the major paint manufacturers. As regards to hiding, drying time, VOC’s and performance, I am convinced that FMI’s coatings are unsurpassed.”
— Jim Bender, Plant Manager, Mill Services, Cobleskill, NY

Data Sheets

Enviroprime™ Fast-Dry High Solids Oil-Based Primer


Enviroprime™ Zero VOC Latex Primer


Enviroprime™ Low VOC Latex Primer



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