Sourcing locally tends to be preferable to many people in today’s increasing global landscape.

No one likes to be put on hold or given a number…waiting for a live person when you have an urgent question and need help immediately. Of the variety of markets FMI targets and the types of customers we service, painting contractors -both large and small- are one of the key markets we love to supply.

Retail and distribution stores add a significant layer of cost. A ‘middle man’ that needs to make some money. Quality and service can also take a back seat. You walk in and you’re a number. Just another face making another purchase. Whether you are a small or large contractor, or a homeowner looking to complete your latest DIY project, it would certainly be a benefit to your budget to keep that extra layer of cost in your pocket while still purchasing a superior, quality product.

FMI sells factory direct to painting contractors and the public. This direct selling model has enabled FMI Paint and Stains to deliver the highest quality products at a substantial savings than that of a retail paint store, making us the preferred supplier of painting contractors throughout Connecticut and New England. We always have inventory available in our warehouse as well as provide our customers the tightest color match standard of any other retail paint store. For larger orders we can even deliver right to your job site.

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