“We have been using Stormcoat acrylic stains for over 25 years. What originally was a 4 year painting cycle has been extended to 9 years, saving our association over 50% of their budget for painting. The coating is consistent, the color matching is excellent and our buildings still look good, even after 9 years! I would not hesitant to recommend any of the FMI products to any association.”

John Staley
Oronoque Village
Stratford, CT


“We have been a customer of FMI for over twenty years. In that time, I have had the opportunity to test and purchase coatings from all the major paint manufacturers. As regards to hiding, drying time, VOC’s and performance, I am convinced that FMI’s coatings are unsurpassed.”

Jim Bender
Plant Manager
Mill Services
Cobbleskill, NY


“I am one of the largest painting contractors in New England and I have the opportunity to specify any coating on any job that I am awarded. For over 20 years, I have changed countless condominiums from Sherwin Williams, Glidden, Benjamin Moore and others to FMI’s Stormcoat 100% acrylic stain. The service, color consistency and value are unbeatable! I can show jobs that I have done 15 years ago that look like they were just painted last year. This product is uniquely different than anything I can get from any of the major manufacturers.”

Tolis Serbegis
New Look Painting, Inc.
Glastonbury, CT


“I own a packaging company that sells unique application tools for the sole purpose of coating the ends of many different building materials prior to final installation. The objective is to seal the ends of these materials to prevent water intrusion. Because we deal with wood composites, PVC, cement, etc. it has necessitated independent testing for a wide variety of products. FMI’s range of coatings has proven to outperform all of the many other products we have tested. This is difficult to find from any one manufacturer.”

Todd Liebman
Zevo Products Group
West Hartford, CT


“SMART PERMANENT COATING SYSTEMS has been offering a lifetime guaranteed coatings for over 20 years. Our product were at one time made by one of the largest paint manufacturers in the world. When we switched our manufacturing to FMI 5 years ago, we realized the added benefit of better quality, pre-mixed colors, and a company more willing to stand behind their product then we were accustomed to.

The ability to have one stop shopping for “Smartprime”, “Smartcoat”, has made the ordering process painless. The delivery of custom colored product on a per job basis has saved us tens of thousands of dollars and the consistent quality control is unparelled in our experience. It goes without saying that FMI has been an integral part of our company’s ability to growth and profitability.“

Lisa Caron, President
Smart Permanent Coating Systems Corp.