FMI continues to be a trusted source for high quality factory finish primers through innovative custom formulation. We are proud to announce the latest addition to our “Enviroprime” line – a fast dry factory finish primer. This is a field proven system based on a non-modified alkyd resin fortified with a balance of high-hiding pigments and solvents with a flash point below that of mineral spirits. It is a perfect choice for lumber priming operations and for a wide variety of wood species wherein penetration, hiding and stain blocking is a requirement.

High resin solids add additional performance and provides an excellent alternative to other oil based primers that are lower in overall solids. This product is an excellent choice for operations that prime lumber via convection oven, spray or flood coating and is specifically formulated to minimize extractive bleeding and to be non-blocking. Enviroprime Fast Dry Alkyd has a Matte finish to minimize imperfection in a variety of lumber products.

Speed up production with 8-15 minutes dry time, to stack with convection heat (based on temperature and air circulation). 4-6 hours, to stack, when racked at ambient temperatures of 60-70 deg. F, 50% RH. Best performance is achieved with rack drying enhanced with air circulation provided by industrial fans. Infrared heating is not recommended for this Non-blocking, High hiding primer that has a wide variety of chemical resistance. Enviroprime Fast Fry Alkyd can withstand 5 years of exposure before top coating is needed. To enhance production performance, this primer is filtered for problem free spray or flood coat application, has low odor, and is also non-flammable and non-toxic.