FMI continues to be a trusted source for high quality factory finish primers through innovative custom formulation. We are proud to announce the latest addition to our “Enviroprime” line – a fast dry factory finish primer. This is a field proven system based on a non-modified alkyd resin fortified with a balance of high-hiding pigments and solvents with a flash point below that of mineral spirits. It is a perfect choice for lumber priming operations and for a wide variety of wood species wherein penetration, hiding and stain blocking is a requirement.

New Metal Tech Hybrid Direct to Metal Paint

FMI Paint & Chemical, Inc. began its storied history in 1950. Starting off as a manufacturer and retailer of architectural coating the company has transitioned into one of the more respected manufacturers of paints and stains in New England. Specializing in custom coatings it has been the philosophy of FMI to produce the highest quality formulations while keeping selling prices in check by offering factory direct pricing, avoiding the middleman and retail markups.